How to Start?

How do I pick a session?

Click through all rp19 Sessions and remember if Keyboard Shortcuts: y: yes, n: no, r: remember, d: dont know (???)
Swipe: left: no, right: yes

See the progress bar on your overall progress on session picking (evaluated vs existing).

How do I browse my selection?

Use "Mail Link" (upper right corner) to send yourself a permanent link to your selection. You can return to your selection at any time using this link.
Or just copy paste this link, it's your personal link: http://rp19.azurewebsites.net/Home/Index?UserId=240672624111a00b

Use "Export" (upper right corner) to download a list of your current selection in a CSV text file.

What else should I know?

What's Next?

Thank you!